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Discussions around the setup, operation, replacement, and disposal of clerk computers, not to include using MLS
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Re: remote access


Post by sbradshaw »

I doubt the church will buy any licenses for a remote access service for clerk computers, but instead will continue working to put MLS functionality on Not all functionality is there yet, but when it is, we won't need remote access...
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Re: remote access


Post by johnshaw »

The online MLS system has remained relatively dormant, with VERY little development in 3 years (it was introduced in 2010) - other priorities have taken over, and even when development happens on it, it's incorporating a solution (online Temple Recommends) that already existed. I'm all for consolidating under one roof, but I'd sure rather have the ability to update callings and releases over a tool that already exists and basically the URL is changing (yes, yes, there are likely so many enhancements we're not aware of) but from the END USER perspective this functionality is not new.

So based on the progress so far, I'd sure rather have a Remote Access solution UNTIL the MLS is up-to-speed. I'm sure it's just me...
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