Ward Leadership

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Ward Leadership


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Will not load. Just get a spinning circle that never loads.
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Re: Ward Leadership


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Re: Ward Leadership


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We occasionally see these types of problems. Have you tried it over several days and it still occurs? If not, please try it a few times on different days; there may be a momentary problem.

If you're consistently having problems, try a few things:
  • Try a different web browser. Did that make a difference? Also, if you're using Internet Explorer, make sure it's at least version 9; earlier versions are not supported by the Church. If you're on Windows XP, then use Chrome or Firefox.
  • Try someone else's computer or have someone else log onto your computer with and LDS Account and see if it happens. The point is to figure out if it's a problem related to your computer environment or your LDS Account.
If you're still having a problem, respond back and people here will try to help you. We'll need to know more about your computer environment. For example: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS, etc? We'll also need to know which web browsers you've tried.
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