LDS Web Services

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LDS Web Services


Post by timothyswt »

I am trying to figure out if the exposed LDS Tools web services are consumable by any applications other than the LDS Tools application. I checked the website here:

However, when trying to post my own username and password to the url in the config, all i get back in the response data is the login html.

$http.get("").success(function(data) {
config = data;
$["auth-url"], { "username": "MYUSERNAME", "password": "MYPASSWORD" }).success(function (data, stuff, x, y) {
I am trying to design a tool to make home teaching reporting easier by getting all of the current households in one set and all of the elders in another set by making API calls.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
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Re: LDS Web Services


Post by RossEvans »

The APIs on are only for use by church-approved, church-sponsored projects. So as a matter of policy, that won't work for an independent project.

For an individual ward, your ward clerk (with bishop approval) can produce a single CSV file that lists all households, together with home-teachers assigned (if any) exported from the clerk's MLS database. No HT assignment data even exists on
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