MLS 3.6 Password Requirement

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MLS 3.6 Password Requirement


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Hi All,

Is someone able to advise how the new password requirement works for MLS? I've rang GSC from Sydney twice in the past two days and they weren't able inform me. Will members be prompted to change the password when the six months change time is close.

I think the way this change has been implemented could have been improved eg notification via an edm that the change is happening, the impacts it will have etc Having a small note in the release notification section simply isn't enough.

When talking to GSC they said the wards should of been prompted to change their passwords in the lead up to 3.6. That didn't happen for our the wards in our stake. So have four wards with finance locked in MLS, but three that are ok. Hopefully GSC come through with the goods and have this fixed ASAP. :)

I'm not sure if there is a section to request changes to MLS... But they should definitely change the feature from locking the finance section of MLS to locking the individual member and forcing them to change their password when the login. Otherwise wards will continually have MLS finance sections locked.

Also a request to have GSC given the permissions/rights to assist members when they ring up. There isn't much use of having a centralised service desk if they can't help.

Thanks in advance

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