setting up new FHC printers to scan

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Re: setting up new FHC printers to scan


Post by drepouille »

After much testing and guesswork, I finally figured out how to configure a Lexmark MX511dhe printer as a scanner in Windows 7. It wasn't easy to figure this out, and this may not be the best or the only solution, but it works.

Ensure the current driver for MX510 Series XL is installed.
Open Printers and Devices.
Add Printer.
Add Network Printer.
The printer I want is not listed (even if it is listed).
Select the Lexmark MX510 driver.
Change AutoDetect to Web Services Device.
Enter the static IP address for the printer.
The wizard will connect to the printer and create the new printer object.
Change the name of the new printer if you like.
You may now right-click on the printer and choose one of the scan options.

I wish I could have found instructions like these on a web site, but most of the hits on this subject are on European servers.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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Re: setting up new FHC printers to scan


Post by Frb.Henrik »

Hello and thank you for this tread :)

I too was frustrated only to be able to scan to FamilySearch: many old photographs are elipital or should by other reason be cropped (old certificates have also odd measurements), the tiny keyboard on the Lexmark had German keys (I have now changed it to Danish), the automatic feeder could not be used etc..

My way to set up the local scans is:
a new folder is made on the pc "desktop" and rightclicked; properties, sharing tap, share button (not advanced). Copy the networkpath..
an internet browser is pointed to the url, that is listed at the upper left corner of the Lexmark display.
set up scan to network, fill a name (description of the computer, like FHC-01 or "pc at telephone") and in the next field paste the networkpath for the folder.
now it did not work without approvals (I'm not sure of the English word :)) -but works if the last option with username and password is filled with the name and pass for the pc..

Now some questions:
1) when scanning to pc, how to avoid a .xml-file named as the scanned picture?
2) also: is it possible to save the settings, so we should not allways choose .tiff (instead of .pdf), resoultion 300 dpi, auto size etc when scanning??

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark
-Henrik Hansen
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Re: setting up new FHC printers to scan


Post by Frb.Henrik »

above question 1): now there is no longer created an .XML-file as well as a .tif or .jpg, when scanning a picture (solution: unknown)

another question:
3) I have also tried to make an icon on each pc for rightclicking, so the scanner works more like descibed in previous post by drepouille (the section can be previewed and arranged before scanning):
the new problem is an added icon on the Lexmark display "Scan to computer" -how to get rid of that icon??
The Lexmark icon for network scans started from the Lexmark is now on another 'page' and the icon I want to get rid of has the computernames, that are not so easy to figure out for others..
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