Broadcast to another building with PVC

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Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by dheilner »

Our stake needs to broadcast from the stake center to another building in the stake. We tried Meetinghouse Webcast last time but not soon again. Other buildings couldn't connect to it, couldn't get audio, had unsynced video/audio, and the connection dropped. I've heard PVC is better and more reliable and want to try that by creating a feed and inviting others as "guests" to join to the broadcast.

All that we have as far as equipment currently is a laptop with USB 2.0 (no firewire) and a webcam. The webcam doesn't work well because you can't zoom in to the speaker, plus the audio wasn't great. It's a nice webcam, but seeing a speaker from far away wasn't all that great for the people in other buildings and I don't want to mount it on the stand.

What I want to try to find is a camcorder or webcam with zoom that will record high quality video and allow me to capture it via USB 2.0 and work with PVC. Also, I imagine some sort of microphone that I can use that would allow me to get quality audio into my PC line-in and also work with PVC.

As I said above, I can't do firewire and would prefer to have a camcorder to capture the video live via USB 2.0. Is there a good camcorder on a budget that I can get that will actually work with PVC? I would really appreciate the help.

I'm trying to research a lot and have been running dry on good options to accomplish what we want to do. Thank you
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Re: Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by pete.arnett »

We did a large meeting and used the following with PVC (Vidyo):
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
ClearOne Chat 50 or ClearOne Chat 150
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Re: Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by ksolsen »

Your options for capturing video and audio on a laptop are, unfortunately, pretty limited. We've found that a desktop PC with an Osprey 260e card is the best combination, both for Meetinghouse Webcast and for PVC. With that in place, you could easily connect a camcorder (need to use composite output, so you'll want to check that capability on the camcorder - many of the current camcorders require a special cable for composite output that is not typically included in the box).

The 260e also has an audio input. You can get audio into the card by either:

a) tying into the chapel audio system (this is what most people do - there's a lot of information on the webcast forum and wiki about how to do that, including a training video).
b) running a separate microphone from the pulpit into a mixer, such as the Mackie 402-VLZ3, and then from the mixer into the Osprey 260e card. Sometimes I've used a lavalier mic (the kind you typically clip onto your tie) because it's a very small mic - you can wrap the lav mic cord around the current pulpit gooseneck mic and fasten the mic at the top.
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Re: Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by ksteurer »

Just an extension of the original question : I am wondering how to transmit the A/V signal to the satellite meeting house. Is there a website or other online service for this? I think we have all the equipment to get the A/V feeds into a computer that has HDMI input and output (add-on video card). And the satellite site has a receiving computer with A/V outputs.

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Re: Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by harddrive »

Ksteurer, if you plan on PVC, then there are a couple of ways of joining the conference.

1. you can send a room link out to the people who will be helping you at the remote buildings. I do that for my stake. I give them the room link and they log in as guest and they view who ever is in the room. This takes someone with a user account to be able to set up the room.

2. Have the bishop, high councilor or someone with a user name and password to log into PVC and then have them join your room.

It is very easy to do, because again, that is what I have done with my stake conference. Join the conference room and the other computers just receive what is showing in the room.

Now there are few things that need to be done.

1. go into settings and turn off the sound when someone enters the room, especially at remote sites.
2. make sure that the room at the remote locations will only show 1 person and that is who ever has focus.
3. mute other video and microphones from the person who is controlling the room. This way, you don't have someone accidentally take focus while the stake president is talking.

I think that pretty much covers it. If you need more, just let us know
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Re: Broadcast to another building with PVC


Post by ksteurer »

That sounds great. I also found some training videos on PVC here: ... =eng#watch

I will watch them and get caught up to speed.


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