Pivot Table Report for Home Teaching/Visit Teaching

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Pivot Table Report for Home Teaching/Visit Teaching


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The Stake Exports for Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching, as well as the fields in the custom reports do not include the detail field showing the rolling 12 month home teaching / visiting teaching data (Which can be exported from the ward level in their custom reports). If the tech team at HQ were to allow the detail fields for HT and VT to be included in the DP to the Stake (for use in custom reports/exports is fine), it would create a huge advantage in helping our Stake Presidency and Quorum Advisors on the High Council in training quorum leaders and helping them be accountable.

We envision the creation of a drill down report, in Open Office or Excel, with data including totals and percentages for each group's subtotal. The top grouping/subtotal is by units of the stake. Click on the unit and get the quorums. Click on the Quorums and get the companionship. Click on the companionship and get the household. Same rollup for Visiting Teaching. Adding the detail fields for the Home Teaching and Visiting teaching to the stake data will not materially impact transmission time, nor local data storage, but will provide a tremendous advantage to the local stake. With this data we can create some pretty meaningful pivot table reports and look at how we are serving various subsets of members in HT and VT, as well as assure that local unit and stake are looking at the same detal.

Thanks for your consideration of this request.

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