Generational-suffix bug in Membership.csv export file

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Generational-suffix bug in Membership.csv export file

Postby RossEvans » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:46 am

There is a longstanding bug in the MLS export file Membership.csv affecting the Preferred Name field. If the Full Name of a member includes a generational suffix -- such as Jr, II, III or IV -- that suffix is appended to the "Preferred Name" export field whether the member and clerk like it or not.

So, for example, a member whose Full Name is "Smith, William Howard III" and whose Preferred name is entered by the clerk as "Smith, Bill" would be called "Smith, Bill III" in the export file.

As far as I can tell, this bug affects only the Membership.csv export file. The Preferred Name contents appear correctly within MLS reports, and in the HomeTeaching.csv and Organization.csv export files (assuming MLS options are set to use Preferred Name).

The Preferred Name contents in Membership.csv should consistently and accurately reflect what the clerk enters in MLS.

I believe this bug was introduced in MLS 3.5. I have reported it as a bug using MLS messaging.

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