Study Notebook disappears

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Study Notebook disappears

Postby monicagonzalez » Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:31 am

I periodically- and often enough to be quite frustrating- try to save a journal entry and the save button says "undefined..." It stays that way until I try to refresh the page at which time the notebook appears with all the pages appearing to be gone (in the image, the pages of the notebook are ripped off), and no content of the notebook whatsoever is directly accessible.
It doesn't matter what browser I use or if I restart my computer, the problem persists. In a week or so (sometimes more), the notebook is back intact and the highlighting and notes that I've done in the scriptures and conference talks while the study notebook appeared blank are there. In other words, the notebook, journal are unavailable to me for that period of time, but my highlights, notes are recorded.
How can this problem be remedied? I get really behind and therefore discouraged to transfer my journal entries to the study notebook. I just got access to the notebook today, for example, and within an hour of having it back, I've lost it again. Frustrating! Can you please help me? Thanks!

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