FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7

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Re: FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7


Post by garryholland »

We had new computers installed in our FHC but the computer doesn't even recognize that there is any scanner attached. Do I have a SCSI card problem?
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Re: FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7


Post by marvinc »

I am in the same situation and would like to know how to upgrade to Win 7 and still support the FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300.

It appears that Win7 needs a scsi driver to read the scanner. The XP system is running XnView application to capture the image. However, Win XP also has connect U2SCX from ratocsystems.com which is a USB2.0 to Ultra SCSI converter so the application can connect to the scanner. I could not find a Win 7 version available for download.

Another option i'm investigating is to install VueScan or CapturePerfect, however, there is still the USB to SCSI converter issue that needs to be solved.

Any ideas?
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Re: FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7


Post by quintonrhq »

The FHC has received a new Dell Optiplex 7450 All-in-One running Windows 10 x64. There were some challenges getting the I/F to the Canon 300ii to run. We used the same driver package from www.scsiproshop.com as before. See post of 05Feb2013. There are probably better ways to do but this is the route that was used.
The package was loaded by running U2SCX_64. This places a folder on the PC. Open the folder and run the Setup utility program. With the USB device connected, there will be a device listed under Device Management that is dangling with no entry in the Imaging devices group.
Restart the PC while setting the Windows 10 Advanced Boot option. Navigate to Restart and hold the shift key down while left clicking with the mouse. Upon restart, navigate thru the Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, to Start-up setting. Press F7 to select Disable driver signature enforcement and let the boot process run. If this is not done the installer will run but silently not install anything.
Upon boot-up, open the Device Manager and select the dangling device, select update driver and select to manually identify the driver. Load the RATOC SCSI driver. It will complain that there is no digital signature. Load anyway. On reboot the dangling device should be gone and moved into the Imaging devices list.
Lastly load the Twain driver and application program from the Canon support web site.
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Re: FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7


Post by baker72853 »

Is there a solution for using Window 10. Need driver and software for using microfilm scanner on Windows 10.
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Re: FHC Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 vs Win 7


Post by FredTwister »

Hello everybody,

I have a Canon MS300II device that I would like to use with Windows 10 64 BIts.
Other end users posted messages stating they managed to make it work using the RATOC SCSCI driver (U2SCX_64).
Do you know where I can download it ?

Please note that mine is connected directly using an USB cable with no SCSI adapter between the scanner and the computer.
I have already tried to download Windows 7 drivers from the Canon website, disable the driver signatures check and proceed with the driver installation. Drivers are recognized as Canon SCSI driver with no exclamation mark but when I try to use CapturePerfect or VueScan, it does not detect my scanner.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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