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Firewall Location

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:52 pm
by andrewgking
In our stake a few of our firewalls are located in the clerks office, on the desk. I know that this is not recommended as people have physical access to them.

We have a new building that was completed earlier this year, and the firewall was installed in the satellite-A/V rack. Is this the location that firewalls should be if possible? I have no issues with running the necessary network cables and such. I just want to know what others think about firewall locations. I have looked at the direction on the meeting house wiki and pages... What are some real world locations?

I would like to future proof as much as possible, and prevent that time, money, and effort from becoming "non standard" installation- if you know what i mean.......


Re: Firewall Location

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:44 pm
by russellhltn
For our stake center, I had it placed in the same room as the satellite equipment (it's has it's own isolated room with a special non-master key). I wanted it there because if we have to do any broadcasting, I don't want to have to run from one end of the building to the other trying to troubleshoot. Putting it IN the rack makes a lot of sense - if we had the space.

In another building, it was placed on top of the wooden cabinets in the clerk's office. Since they don't have a switch, without bringing in outside equipment, I don't think they can bypass the firewall unless they disconnect everyone else. (Everything runs directly off the firewall.) Not ideal, but long-term there are bigger non-technical issues that will make it a moot point.

In yet another building, it was located in a small wall-mounted 19" rack that contained just the "white noise" amp. (It's the speakers just outside the bishop's offices that create a masking noise so no one can eavesdrop.

I'm not sure where it will be in the last building, but I have communicated to FM my concern that the modem to firewall link be secured from tampering. None of my other buildings have satellite equipment or CCTV so that's not an option.

Re: Firewall Location

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:18 am
by ldsnh85
We have installed them in the satellite 'room' but many buildings put the satellite boxes in a music room behind the rostrum - lousy place because too many people have access. A locked room is the best place, preferably one which is not a common key to former clerks! They should be mounted on the wall, nice and neat, firewall and the power boosters, in the same place.
Rebooting is RARELY, if ever needed, if it is done right, with the new firewalls; They are slick.
Technically speaking, the home wiring priesthood holder is not always the best choice; there are plenty of people in wards with networking experience, who know how to talk with the Global people for initial booting time.