Mission Boundaries

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Michael S-p40
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Mission Boundaries


Post by Michael S-p40 »

Does anyone know if there is information available that contains all of the mission boundaries in the Church that are currently active?

Basically, I'm wondering if there is any GIS type data of all of the mission boundaries so that I could create an overlay in Google Earth or Google Maps to display the various missions that the Church has in operation throughout the world.

Does anyone have any kind of info regarding this? Thanks!
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Post by lajackson »

I am not aware of any GIS type data. Basically, a mission is defined by the boundaries of the stakes and/or districts within the mission.

The closest thing to a map I know of would be the occasional graphic that shows up in the Church news when a mission is created. Not a lot of help, I know. Sorry.
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Post by MorettiDP »

When missionaries are called to the field, the pack sent by the First Presidency have a map reproduction of the mission. When stake need to realign its boundaries, the stake president can request the maps from the area office. For all of it, I believe that Salt Lake have maps from all the world when branches, districts, wards, stakes, missions, CES areas, temples districts and Church areas are available.
If these maps are only in printed form or on an eletronic database, I can't know. But I remember that I see (on that forum, I believe) that in the hall of Church Office Building on Temple Square you can request printed copies of Church maps from all of the world.
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Post by gawing »

I'm not aware of any maps either, but if you were determined to put as lajackson mentioned, the missions are made up of smaller units (stakes and districts). If you have access to the COL, you could at least determine what units are in the mission to get a general idea.
Speaking of the COL, adding maps to it would be a great idea. They wouldn't necessarily need to be in great detail, but some kind of image or pdf would be neat.
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