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Who is minding the store, and how can we get help?

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:30 am
by reubendunn1
I wanted to express my concern about the lack of feedback/tech support for the latest version of Gospel Library3.

The biggest irritant is that there simply is not a user manual/troubleshooting guide for us to access. This means that l have to submit my query online, and hope against hope that someone, anyone will get back to me, either in a timely manner, or at all.

Case in point: l recently discovered that, using my iPhone, l was able to embed a video into the notebook section, as part of my lesson plan. However, l am not able to do,this on my iPad for some reason. I have been looking for a work around to this, but hit a blank wall.

This morning l made the mistake of syncing my phone and pad, only to to find out that l can no longer do this on the phone.

Is there anyone who would please give me an idea of how to fix this apparent bug? I have removed and reinstalled G.L.3 but still have the same issue.

Other than the lack of consistent support for this program, it works rather well.

I understand that you may get swamped with help requests, but there is a SERIOUS communication problem, both on the forum and on the Facebook page.

Is there any possibility of a manual in PDF being released?