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Multiple instructors per class


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Is there a way to add multiple instructors to a single class. In our ward we generally have 2 or more instructors assigned to each class. This includes: All Sunday school, primary, young men, young women, high priest, elders, and relief society classes. If this functionality doesn't exist now, are there plans to add it?

Do instructors now have edit rights for their own classes? I'm wondering because in the lesson schedule help it still has this note: "Note: In the next release of Lesson Schedules (expected around the first week of 2013, class instructors will have edit rights for their own classes." If they do NOT have edit rights then my first question is probably a moot point. If they do have edit rights then it would be really helpful to have the ability to add multiple instructors for each class.

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Re: Multiple instructors per class


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Adding more than one instructor per class is a commonly-requested feature. We do not know if or when the church will implement this

Instructors do have edit rights for their own classes. Most classes have a prescribed schedule (from the presidency or bishopric) and you don't want the instructors editing this, but if the person is assigned as an instructor, he or she can edit the classes.

In our ward we have two rotating gospel doctrine teachers. We are considering putting one in as the main instructor and that person can edit the instructor for specific lessons to be the other instructor.

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