MLS Communication Script error message

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MLS Communication Script error message

Postby Biggles » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:16 am

Having successfully upgraded and used MLS 2.9 on the 31 Aug. 2008. Last Sunday the 7 Sept. when I tried to connect (We use a dial up connection) a message popped up saying that 'no logon script had been selected'. Following the information, in the popup, I navigated to the relevant System area, to be offered a choice, I think of 4, scripts. Having no idea of which one to select, I noticed an option to ignore scripts. Crossing fingers, I duly selected and 'Saved'. Normal operation was resumed and downloads etc. carried out without any further apparent problems.

My questions are:

1. When and what are the logon scripts used for?
2. Why did MLS work OK one week and not the next?

(The instructions to shut-down the computer, after the upgrade, before first use, were followed to the letter).

Any info gratefully received. :)

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Postby russellhltn » Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:47 am

Interesting. I thought scripts were discontinued some time ago. So I think you did the right thing.

Scripts are used to access ISPs that don't used standard methods of logging in.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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MLS Connection on Sep 7, 2008

Postby papa-hotel-p40 » Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:06 am

All units in our District could not send/receive changes through the default connection script (UUPOPS). To solve the problem temporarily, they used public dial up Internet access of local ISP.

Right after the upgrade to version 2.9, the connection went well without any problem, but somehow a week later, the connection went wrong. They have reported this case to the Asia Area Office for CHQ action...:confused:

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Postby iamdavid » Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:03 am

Hmm I noticed mine on East Coast Australia failed the Send/Recieve on completion of Tithing, after three tries. I just left the task till Tuesday night when I usually am at the chapel.

The error messages seemed to me to indicate the usual "Nothing is wrong - call stake" so as usual I did no such thing. In previous versions of MLS the same happened from time to time and sorted itself out.

Possibly, midday on the Sabbath was a difficult time for the MLS Server.

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