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Re: New Internet Filter


Post by paulscherbel »

Update: A larger wave of meetinghouses are scheduled to have DNS locked down today to only allow Church-specified Domain Name System (DNS) entries. Any devices connected to Meetinghouse Internet that have been set to use non-Church specified DNS servers should be changed to use approved Church meetinghouse DNS servers ( and or to obtain DNS server addresses automatically. Devices set differently may not connect to the Internet properly. These changes began taking place on April 21, 2014 and will continue to be rolled out a little at a time.
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Re: New Internet Filter


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After the lockdown is there anything in place to prevent users from manually setting their own DNS entries on their devices? Blocking port 53 traffic to everything except the church-authorized DNS would be effective...
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Re: New Internet Filter


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That's exactly what the lockdown is - blocking other DNS.
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