Non-adjustable video quality on Church web sites

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Non-adjustable video quality on Church web sites


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The video player on Church web sites, such as CES Devotionals and, chooses its video quality automatically, and doesn't allow user input. The lesser problem that occurs with this is that the various video qualities sometimes seem to be broadcast on slightly different time frames; for example, while watching Elder Callister's devotional live last month, the video quality dropped down and we were sent back about 15 seconds; once the video quality rose, we were moved ahead those 15 seconds again, missing part of the talk.

The greater problem is that I have excellent bandwidth but my computer can't handle high-end graphics. Once the video player judges (I'm guessing via bandwidth available) to send high-quality video, my computer starts heating up. I doubt there's any computer temperature measure for video quality, so while it keeps broadcasting high-quality video, I have to make sure my computer doesn't get any hotter. Likewise, for, the video comes out really choppy since my computer can't handle the high-quality video the site's broadcasting.

Shouldn't there be some way to choose what video quality I want so this doesn't happen? I'm on Linux, so I can't use Windows Media Player -- which to me still provides too low quality video to really be attractive.
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