Out-of-Unit membership are not on all of our current lists

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Out-of-Unit membership are not on all of our current lists

Postby forest74 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:11 pm

I have just been called as the new branch clerk, for please forgive me if this has been talked about already. When the Branch Pres. called me for his clerk he stated that I need to do some clean-up. With that said I have ran into a problem with regards to our Directory. The Out-of-Unit leadership that has been called and a record created for MLS authorization are not list in some of the directory lists? So, you with so far? When I went through and started to print different reports for my Pres. I have noticed that those records that were created are not in all the membership directory reports. For instance in the standard directory list, none of the out-of-unit membership records are on it. However, they are on the directory of members report. If that makes sense?
I have asked a former clerk about this and once we have verified that the member record is still in their home ward list. He simply stated that we might have a bug in our system and that I may have to purge our member directory and start over from the beginning.
I hope this all makes sense because, I am still confused over this situation.
Any thoughts could it be fixed without starting over. Could it even be fixed?


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Re: Out-of-Unit membership are not on all of our current lis

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Mar 16, 2014 8:44 pm

Out-of-unit membership records are a little buggy in that they appear on some reports/lists but not on others. This is a characteristic of out-of-unit membership records and is most likely not a problem with how your local MLS is set up.

Out-of-unit leaders have two membership records. Their "real" record remains in their home ward, and a temporary record is created in their service ward, which essentially links to the real record, allowing a leader to be assigned to a calling in either ward, and to see the LDS.org tools for both wards. Therefore, their name should continue to show up in the membership list in their home ward. As for the service ward, in some reports/lists it appears, in others it doesn't. Sometimes this causes the same report in MLS and on LDS.org to not match up (the temporary records from the service ward do not get synced between MLS and headquarters/online, but callings associated with those records do).

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Re: Out-of-Unit membership are not on all of our current lis

Postby russellhltn » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:43 pm

Out-of-unit members are a quirk in that the home ward remains responsible for their spiritual welfare. As such there will be a number of places where they will not show in the service unit, including anything to do with statistical reporting.

I know what "directory of members" is, but what's "the standard directory list"?
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