Windows Phone apps update??

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Windows Phone apps update??


Post by rodolpho.freire »

I bought a Windows Phone device and the Gospel Library app is very limited compared to android and ios, any plans to launch new versions of the app? and portuguese contente?
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by ToManyLetters »

Developers are currently working on the project to update and expand the functionality of the Windows Phone 8 applications. However, in an effort to ensure Windows platforms will always have access to the newest content, substantial changes (largely a full rewrite, actually) are being made to make the application available in its full, glorious functionality on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with the release of the Windows "Threshold" update, expected to be announced at Microsoft's BUILD conference next month (April).
Learn more about Gospel Library for Windows 10 Beta at the link below:
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by BowmanDH »

We posted to the store today we are just waiting on the store to release it to the world:

Gospel Library Language Pack Update Now Available for Windows Phone (7.1–8.1)
Today we announce a language pack update to Gospel Library for Windows Phone. This version marks the Windows Phone release of Gospel Library content in fifteen new languages, listed below. As an additional benefit, a few bugs have been fixed in this update, including a bug that could cause Windows Phone devices to get quite warm and quickly drain their battery.
Although the app user interface is still in English only, we hope that members familiar with the newly available languages will not only make use of their availability, but also report any issues they experience with content displayed in them.
Send feedback to
Additionally, the Gospel Library team for Windows and Windows Phone is actively seeking more volunteers to help in the development of the app. If you or anyone you know is an experienced Windows or Windows Phone developer, please spread the word and volunteer by joining the Gospel Library Windows project on

Languages New to Gospel Library:
In addition to the five languages already available in Gospel Library for Windows Phone (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Finnish), a further fifteen languages have been added to the application. With the growing international popularity of Windows Phone, we hope that this update will help more members of the Church around the world have the blessing of using Gospel Library in their native language. We anticipate that additional languages will be released as we continue to enhance the app.

• Japanese*
• Korean
• French
• Italian
• Russian
• Tagalog
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Swedish
• Danish
• Dutch
• Norwegian
• Tongan
• Samoan
• Hungarian
• Mongolian

* Support for Ruby annotations is not currently available.

Additional updates:
In addition to added language support, this update includes the following updates:

• Home screen shortcuts now feature 2014 content, including the Joseph Fielding Smith manual for Relief Society and Priesthood and the Old Testament guide for Gospel Doctrine
• Lock screen backgrounds: you can now set your phone’s lock screen to feature Gospel-centered content.
• Live tile support: see featured scriptures from the app’s scripture pane from your Start screen
• Support for the full-sized (wide) tile (Windows Phone 8, 8.1)

Bugs that have been fixed:
• Severe battery drain bug that caused phones to grow uncomfortably hot
• Encoded characters in folder names
• Titles shown during chapter navigation, in the breadcrumbs bar, and in bookmarks to remove duplicated book names
• Light theme bugs with the settings and language pages
• Fixed a bug which would cause the app to crash if the user moved between an introductory page and the main text of the Scriptures.
• Formatting of many pieces of content throughout the app. In order for this change to take effect, you will need to first remove any affected old content by pressing and holding on its name, tapping ‘remove’, and re-downloading it.
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by joshlarmore »

This is great news. I've just checked the store (8:00 pm MDT) and no update yet. Hopefully this will be out tonight. That you all for the hard work.
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by SherlockAdam »

Thanks very much for the update.

I noticed the other day that this had been released to the Windows Store. I am extremely happy that Dutch was included, as a result my children have / will downloaded the app.

If the song book can be made available, life would be very sweet! (I guess some people are never happy!)
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by sbradshaw »

SherlockAdam wrote:If the song book can be made available, life would be very sweet! (I guess some people are never happy!)
The Dutch hymnbook and Children's Songbook are being transcribed by LDSTech volunteers so they can be made available on, in Gospel Library, and in LDS Music. We would love your help or the help of anyone else you know who speaks Dutch – it's the "LDS Music Content" project here on LDSTech:
In fact, we don't currently have any volunteers actively working on Dutch, so we really need a few people who can help!
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Re: Windows Phone apps update??


Post by joerc »

I was wondering if you are still working on an update? I am testing windows phone for work before a large rollout to replace another phone platform. With WP8.1 finally rolling out I think there is going to be uptick in WP users. I came from Android where I have been very happy with the apps development. I was wondering how I might be able to help. Sadly I am not a developer but work as a specialist in IT support for mobile devices. Thank you

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