Callings in MLS and Tools not matching

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Callings in MLS and Tools not matching


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Recently, our ward has been making some changes to callings and as these have been recorded in MLS, they are not getting updated on the list or on the LDS Tools app. This includes standard callings, as well as custom callings. For example, in our ward, we have a Ward Mission Leader, an Assistant Ward Mission Leader (custom) and 12 ward missionaries. The Assistant Ward Mission Leader and half of the ward missionaries are not appearing on as having this calling, while they have been recorded in MLS.

Is there an open defect regarding this issue? Is there some setting or update needed to MLS which we may have overlooked? We currently have MLS version 3.7.0_22495 installed and it is sync'd regularly. Any help on this is greatly appreciated
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Re: Callings in MLS and Tools not matching


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The place to check is with the CDOL. Callings in MLS should sync with CDOL nearly instantly after a send/receive. and LDS Tools pull their information from CDOL.

You can try the procedure listed in Correcting duplicate or missing callings. As a tip, you should "release" and confirm the release of anyone who is showing on CDOL with the wrong calling. After the release, add the new member to that calling. In the past, replacing a member in a calling seemed to be more prone to failure.
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