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Disappearing journal entries

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:17 am
by mrs_hardy
I was typing a very long entry into my journal during my scripture study today and, while I was writing, I wanted to refer back to one of the verses that I was journaling about so I moved my cursor outside of the Journal box and began scrolling up. While doing so I decided that the Journal Box was in the way so I tried dragging it. This attempt didn't move it anywhere but it did highlight some areas of the Journal Box. So, in an attempt to remove this highlighting, I clicked outside of the Journal Box onto my scripture ( page. As soon as I did this, my Journal Box completely disappeared. I tried opening it back up but it only gave me a new (and empty) Journal Box. I looked to see if the box was actually a separate window that had just hidden itself. I even tried going back to the previous screen. Nothing worked.
So the very long and irreplaceable journaling that I had done was gone. Just like that. Gone.

Is this normal? Could I have done something to get it back? Is there somewhere I can go, even now, to retrieve it?

I appreciate any help I can get and any course of action that the website tech's can do to keep this from happening to anyone else. Even just a prompt that says, "Would you like to save this page before leaving." So, so simple.

Re: Disappearing journal entries

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 12:55 pm
by PamelaBonta
Sometimes these items show up in the Unassigned Items folder in your Notes.