Laurel Advisor not able to edit

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Re: Laurel Advisor not able to edit


Post by mstauff »

What's the issue with changing the instructor? I just tested going into the admin page, then clicking the edit icon next to a class and removing the current instructor and adding a new one, I didn't experience any problems with it. I didn't test the permissions of the new user, but there should be no problem changing an instructor for an existing class. If you're unable to change the instructor then that sounds like a separate issue that will need to be fixed (but it definitely should be possible).
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Re: Laurel Advisor not able to edit


Post by mevans »

I'm not sure it was clear from the other posts about who can change the instructors. The person who is named as the instructor for the overall class can assign different instructors for a given week. I suggest you name the Advisor as the overall class instructor, then she can individually assign instructors for each week. If you change the Advisor, then someone in the presidency needs to change the overall class instructor, and then that person can assign the individual weeks.

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