Modernize the paper Temple Recommend Interview Sign-in Sheet

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Modernize the paper Temple Recommend Interview Sign-in Sheet


Post by silly.ol.ryan »

In my stake, like many others around me, the Stake Presidency offers a window of time each week where on a first-come, first-seen basis, members can receive a temple recommend interview.

The current process:
Members arrive at the stake office and sign their names on a piece of paper. The clerk or secretary on-duty then refers to the list and calls the person's name (if they can read it) as a member of the presidency becomes available to see the next individual.

The modern reinvention:
The stake has a bar-code scanner, and the computer sits idle during this hour. Could a "sign-in" module be created?

I envision the list of names on the right 1/3rd of the screen, running from top to bottom. A check-box next to each name allows the clerk to check off their name as their turn arrives, causing the background color of that name to darken. In the case of a mistake, the clerk could deselect the box just as easily.

On the left, a large text box (taking about the top 2/3 of the screen real-estate) instructs the user to scan their old or current temple recommend. When the user puts barcode in place, the background should change to green and the text should change to "Welcome, Sister Jones. Please have a seat." The clerk should be able to customize the instruction ahead of time.

In the left, bottom 1/3, should be instructions (again, allow them to be customized) instructing the member that if their old temple recommend is not available, they can type their name in the box below. As they type, a search shows matching names. The user can click the matching name, or keep typing and press "Enter" when finished. Their name is added to the list as any scanned name would be.

I realize that this project is probably the lowest of priorities. I submit it anyway though, because it is really cool, and because members attending the temple are already accustomed to having their recommend scanned; having their recommend scanned at the stake office just seems to extend the system home. And programming-wise, it doesn't seem too complicated to accomplish (at least, to someone who knows how to program, which is not me. I'm more of an idea-dreamer).
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Re: Modernize the paper Temple Recommend Interview Sign-in S


Post by mfmohlma »

I don't want to sound snide, but here is our stake's process:

Members arrive at the stake office and wait. When a member of the stake presidency is available, they emerge from the room they are in and ask for the next person. The person that responds is the person that arrived before all of the other remaining people.

Not sure it has to be more difficult than that...
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Re: Modernize the paper Temple Recommend Interview Sign-in S


Post by michaelfish »

We have our members sign in on a clipboard. A clerk will let them know when they are next, which speeds up the interview process.

It has been helpful for the Stake Presidency, to have us introduce the next person by name.

In addition, as a clerk I've occasionally needed to check the clipboard for help deciphering an illegible name on the recommend.
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