Links/Cross reference issues

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Links/Cross reference issues


Post by CJacobson »

2 issues I'm running into when creating links/cross references inside the scriptures

1) I can't seem to see any way to create these links through the application, only when I'm using the mobile scriptures app.

2) When I HAVE created a link via the mobile scriptures app, the annotation will not show up in the main scripture view but will appear in the notebook.

eg. I highlight Mark 3:2 blue and add a link to Job 1:6, all from mobile. Looks and works great on mobile. But when I view Mark 3 on, I see nothing for verse 2. No blue, no link. But if I open the notebook view on, I DO see the verse there, blue and linked.

Is anyone else running into a similar issue? Any idea what's causing this or how to fix it?

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Re: Links/Cross reference issues


Post by mevans »

Welcome to the forum!

Your post looks to be identical to these:

Add personal cross-references in links.

Please see these posts for additional responses and suggestions.
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Re: Links/Cross reference issues


Post by malindsay »

Thank you for this post. I thought I was going crazy because I could not find a way to do it with my PC. As soon as I pulled up tools on my mobile there is was. This could be a great feature if it were available on both mobile and PC. I had no issue creating the links on my mobile but was not to be found on the PC or Mac. I would like to be able to create multiple links from one article (all in one place) like you can do with Tags. I was able to erroneously able to create multiple links of the same scripture.
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Re: Links/Cross reference issues


Post by amespj »

I agree! I have been frustrated by the very same issue. We've been taught since Seminary days about the importance of scripture chains. All of us have our hard copies of scriptures cross-referenced in the margins. The idea of doing scripture study on electronic devices (whether desk top computers or phones) is appealing for the idea of always having it with us. But what's the point if we can't access the links we've created personally on all of our devices. We may as well lug around our books.
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Re: Links/Cross reference issues


Post by heinerpc »

I am an Institute teacher using the scriptures in my class and I am also frustrated with this cross referencing/linking issue. I just spoke with the help desk and requested to talk with a human who may be able to help me and the tech on the phone informed me that they don't employ a human at the church who knows the digital version of the scriptures at this time. Does anyone have suggestions for obtaining more information?
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Re: Links/Cross reference issues


Post by PamelaBonta »

Not every feature is available on all platforms, as each is developed by basically different people with different time constraints and knowledge etc. A lot of the work is done by volunteers and Church Service Missionaries under the direction of church employees and developers. But, all features do sync to the LDS Cloud. When a new feature becomes available on one platform that was previously available on a different platform, any annotations that were made should sync to the newly updated platform. All of the Study Tools are constantly being updated, so we just have to be patient. And, if one has any tech knowledge and would like to help further the work in this area, serious consideration should be given to joining a tech team! :)
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