Ipad Mini's for Missionaries

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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by lajackson »

mhinatsu wrote:I have paid for the iPad in full, and I am wondering why it still says this. Is it still supervised, even though I now own it?
Work through your clerk to contact the Global Service Center. They will be able to help you unlock the device for your own personal use.
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by ChrisPadilla »

It takes up to 14 days after you return from your mission for the command to comedown to your device. Make sure your data is off the device.
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by katielynbennett »

My iPad is still locked by the church from when I got home, is there a way to get it reset?
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by flyingbeefhead »

I have a missionary out in the field and his iPad was left on top of his car and run over by other cars when it fell off.
Is there any insurance on the iPad for damage? Or do I get to pay the $81 fee and then buy him another $380 iPad??
If I have to do that, is there any way to get insurance on the next one???
They make kids (their parents mostly) buy them and if anyone knows a kid with a phone, you NEED the insurance plan!
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by tomcatt »

The church doesn't not have insurance on missionary iPads/tablets. However, in the new android tablet program (my mission had it rolled out to them 9 months ago), missionaries can buy their Samsung S2 tablets with insurance from the place of purchase.

My mission office has a loaner program for missionaries that can't afford, or can't afford to replace, an iPad/S2 tablet. The missionary can borrow a tablet from the mission office.

That being said, you will need to contact the mission office of your Missionary's mission for more details about your options. You likely have more than you think! Please reply if this helps, or if you have any other questions.
-Elder Thomas Parker, Colorado Fort Collins Mission

I'm just a regular missionary. 8-)
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by emmanuelkelly »

does this implies to the nigerian missionaries?
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by russellhltn »

emmanuelkelly wrote:does this implies to the nigerian missionaries?
That would depend on the mission president. However, the church is unlikely to deploy tablets in areas that would make the missionaries a target or lacks the infrastructure to support them.
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by OliVDB5590 »

Well, I've seen missionnaries using tablets in Uganda, which isn't much more developed than Nigeria... And they weren't especially targeted for it (because, truth be told, everyone there has a smartphone, they use it for everything you can imagine and even have it charged at dedicated shops if they don't have electricity at home!)
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Re: Ipad Mini's for Missionaries


Post by davesudweeks »

jhoney00 wrote:Church developers have been developing for iOS for a while now – so most of the church apps have become mature on iOS before being full-featured on other platforms. Whatever the reason, church apps on iOS are historically a step ahead of church apps on any other platform, and why give missionaries less than the best gospel tools?
My experience is each OS has different strengths and weaknesses, based on their core architecture. There are things you can do on iOS easier than Android and vice-versa. I believe the church tries to keep both apps with the same functionality. It is possible the church has selected the Android OS due to (typically) lower cost options for the hardware, but that is just an uneducated guess on my part.
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