Check box won't stay checked

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Check box won't stay checked

Postby lahimatoa » Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:25 pm

Has anyone else seen this?

This afternoon, I had just finished entering all the donations for the day, and was verifying the check amounts with my financial clerk, checking the boxes as I went. Everything was going just fine, when I came to a box I couldn't keep checked. Clicking on it would briefly give me a check mark, but it would then instantly vanish. Obviously, this prevented us from continuing.

Things I tried to fix it:

1. Clicking on boxes out of order.

2. Closing the batch and re-opening it.

3. Removing the donation entry and re-adding it.

4. Removing the last five donation entries and re-adding them.

The final two attempts just moved the uncheckable box to another donation entry, and the problem remained.

Finally, I exited MLS entirely, re-launched it, opened up the batch and everything worked as expected.

It added quite a bit of time to our (fast) Sunday afternoon in the clerks' office, and I'd rather no other ward have to deal with this if it's a bug.


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