Recording non-member spouses in MLS

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Recording non-member spouses in MLS


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Should non-member spouses be recorded in the MLS system?
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Re: Recording non-member spouses in MLS


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markrandlockey wrote:Should non-member spouses be recorded in the MLS system?
Certainly. That's the only way the member spouse will have the proper status of "Married" (otherwise the member will show up on various lists as a single person, such as YSA for those who are 18-30). To be specific, I'm referring here to the Current Spouse tab on the Individual Record of the member. Recording the spouse here will not only set the marriage status of the member, but will also cause the nonmember spouse to appear in the Directory on (see this post for an explanation of why this is so, and how to suppress the appearance of the nonmember spouse on the Directory).

If you're asking about the creation of a separate Nonmember Record in MLS, that's a separate question. It requires the permission of the nonmember. It would cause the nonmember to appear in various lists in MLS (but has no impact on what appears on in the Directory or Leader and Clerk Resources).
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