Scripture audio issues

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Scripture audio issues


Post by wrigjef »

I have been reading the scriptures in the gospel library app on my ipad and notice a few issues. Earlier in the year the text for the scriptures was updated, primarily the chapter headings, however as I listen and read at the same time, the audio does not match. Presumably since it has not been updated yet.

This morning I was reading and listening in the book of genisis and around chapter 6, the story of Noah, I started to experience gaps where the app thinks it is playing but no audio is present.

Sometimes when my wife and I are reading aloud, using the scripture text and alternating verses, we come across a word, name or place, that we are unsure of the correct pronunciation. We often try playing the audio but it is difficult to match up and find the right spot. I believe there would be great benefit in having, either in the gospel library app or a separate one, the ability to click on a word link and it launches an audio player which let's you hear the church reader pronounce the word.
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Re: Scripture audio issues


Post by joshuaworkman »

You probably aught to repost this in the Gospel Library for iPad forum. This forum is for WebOS, an older operating system that HP had on some devices.
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Re: Scripture audio issues


Post by russellhltn »

No need. The thread has been moved.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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