Missionary account over payment

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Re: Missionary account over payment


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benjamincarleski wrote:I had a bishop in our stake express concern about re-categorizing and asked if I, as the stake finance clerk, would call unit support. I did, and their answer was that it previously had been allowed, but the current policy is that the only option for excess funds are to return them to the Ward Missionary account. From there they can be used for another missionary in the ward or remitted to the stake, who could either transfer them to a needy ward, or return them to church headquarters. They said the ability to re-categorize donations is still in MLS because of the need to correct mistakes, so the ability to do this is still present, but the policy no longer allows it. The financial training page for missionary finances now contains this updated policy (see https://www.lds.org/help/support/missio ... lang=eng#6).
This statement is on the forum under a couple of posts so I'm responding to a couple of them. I called church headquarters today. For the United States, they said it IS allowed if it is in the same tax year. If it's in a previous tax year, call them (they said it is more complicated). You can re-categorize a donation from excess missionary to tithing or fast offerings, for example. This is different than what other posters have stated above. This forum can have outdated info so calling SLC is best. I'm glad I finally called them up and got a more flexible answer.
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