Chromecast not connecting to the internet

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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by bhorsley »

mikerowaved wrote:
aclawson wrote:Any word on this?
There really isn't a solution. Chromecast must have DNS access to (or to operate from the Internet, but the firewall forbids any device to have DNS access to those servers. Since neither device can be user configured, they are at an impasse.
Is it truly an impasse or can the routing of the dns be changed do that requests to Google will be redirected to the hq filter?
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by michaelcox »

We had a member take their Window 8 tablet to Church today. They had a video they wanted to show for a RS lesson. She had already downloaded it. I helped them download Google Chrome and the Cast extension before Church today. They then opened up the saved video in Chrome and cast the video. Worked perfectly.

Bhorsley, try taking the ChromeCast home and set it up so it activates, updates, etc, and cast to it. Then take it back to Church and try it again.
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


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dczwygart wrote:
russellhltn wrote: You'd have to ask the church IT department. The Cisco is password protected and I don't think they give out the password.

Ah I was hoping that they trolled the forms...
Some of us do.
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by smconvey »

Just tried to show a video to the youth during Sunday school and my Chromecast failed to connect, which basically ruined my planned lesson. Very frustrating!!!
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by carsonm »

As a STS, I am always trying to find a dongle free methods that don't need the wifi of the building Using Miracast seems to work well.

I am about ready to start some basic testing of a device from Diamond Mulitimedia that does Miracast among other things, including something to work with Macs and iDevices and maybe older TVs and Projectors along with HDMI. Here is a little about this device. I should have results in 2 or 3 weeks to see if it works for our stake.

For my personal Windows phone, Intel Widi and Miracast convertible laptops and my Android 5.x tablet, I use a the Actiontec Screenbeam Mini 2 receiver and they work really good. (the older Android tablet, not so much with video)

I was also trying to wireless display from my phone and tablet using the built in Connect App in windows 10 and it worked pretty good.

Just some other ideas.
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by amulert »

I connected our Chromecast to the church wifi today and ran into no problems. I just had to wait a few minutes to set it up with the wifi, and then there were no problems afterwards.
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Re: Chromecast not connecting to the internet


Post by rl_albright »

In our buildings, something that has been done that works for Google printing and others is we have an additional router beyond the firewall. (Path is Internet -> Firewall -> Router), for some reason things like chromecast and Google print now function. They are still subject to the filtering from the church firewall, but Google Print does work.

(I didn't implement this, a bishop who is an IT professional did so prior to my tenure, however I did implement another router into my tech setup which allows my broadcast cameras to work. And it keeps casual members off of equipment that they do not need access to.) :D :D
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