tear-off portion of deposit bags

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tear-off portion of deposit bags


Post by brucedcarlson »

I've searched the forum for an answer and have come up short. Here's my question.

Our deposit bags have the little tear-off portion where both priesthood holders initialize, date, put the amount of deposit, etc.

Nowhere in any of the clerks materials I've seen mention anything about filling out, tearing off, and filing this tear-off stub. Plus, there's nothing in any of the years of audits I've ever that mention or look for those stubs.

Is it policy to actually tear these off and file them? If not, I'd love to discontinue their use and shave a good minute off the funds counting/delivery process.


Nevermind, kept on looking and found this:

Donations: Put weekly donation batch documents together in an envelope with the batch date written on the front (an old stationery envelope works fine - like the ones with the prior bishop's name on them). Include all donation slips (white copy), the supporting MLS reports, the pink donation slip and the tear-off tab from the deposit bag. File these envelopes in chronological order separate from all other financial records.

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Re: tear-off portion of deposit bags


Post by allenjpl »

Just so you know, the tear-off portion of the bag is actually incredibly useful to the bank if they need to investigate the disappearance/misplacement of the deposit bag. Depending on where you make your deposit, the bank's employees are likely not the ones first handling the bag. That is probably an armored car courier, and they track what they pick up by the bag numbers, not necessarily by the deposit amount. Then, when the bank's employees open and verify the deposit, it's matched with the transmitted deposit, so that deposit clears, or is removed from "pending" status. If the church were to ask the bank "what happened to deposit X, made on such-and-such date," one of the first bits of information the bank would use to track things down would be the bag number, which that tear-off portion preserves.
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Re: tear-off portion of deposit bags


Post by brettdew »

It would be nice if the tear off part actually tore off. Maybe a different type of bag in the future. The one's now don't tear easily at all.
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