Scheduler -Building 1

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Scheduler -Building 1

Postby vennamax » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:21 pm

We have entered our called building scheduler as Scheduler - Building 1 (as directed by the help desk). He is still not able to schedule events for any other wards besides our own ward. Is there something further that we need to do so that he can schedule all events for our building?

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Re: Scheduler -Building 1

Postby aebrown » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:35 pm

vennamax wrote:We have entered our called building scheduler as Scheduler - Building 1 (as directed by the help desk). He is still not able to schedule events for any other wards besides our own ward. Is there something further that we need to do so that he can schedule all events for our building?

That's not how the Calendar system works. There's nothing you can do to enable him to schedule events for other wards -- those wards need to schedule their own events.

Also, for him to truly be a building scheduler, a stake calendar administrator has to designate him as such for your building; giving him that calling does not give him building scheduler permissions (I know that's odd, and not like most other permissions settings, but that's the way it works). But please note that the permissions associated with a building scheduler are not what you might expect. A building scheduler can't schedule events (at least not at this point, but the version of the Calendar in beta will change that somewhat). A building scheduler can only create restrictions and adjust existing events for his building. See Building Scheduler Role in the help system for more details.

Some stakes choose to give their building schedulers editor permissions for a private stake calendar where they can create events for non-Church events such as weddings or family reunions. But that's really a separate assignment, completely independent of the building scheduler role that is assigned by a stake administrator. The change coming in the beta version will provide an alternate way for building schedulers to create events for such private uses, but it still won't change the fact that no one can schedule events for other wards.

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Re: Scheduler -Building 1

Postby jirp » Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:26 pm

First off you need to know that building scheduler is not an official MLS postition according to the calendar people in spite of it being one in MLS. To fix this problem a default ward calendar admin person will have to add the building scheduler by name to the list of default ward calendar admins. It has to be by name because the calling does not appear in the calendar list of official MLS callings. This step will give the person the ability to edit the calendar. Now there is another glitch that sometimes happens and they still won't be able to edit a public calendar. They can quickly solve this by simply giving themselves permission to edit that calendar.(there again by name since it can't be by calling) This solves the basic calendar editing.

To do the rest of the job someone with stake level calendar access has to add them by name to the buildings list of schedulers within the calendar.(remember the first name in the list is who the calendar shows as ward building scheduler even if there are a dozen names with the permissions.) This step will give them most of the rest of what the need to do the calling. This is done through the settings link in the lower left of the computer screen that only stake level calendar access can do. From there you select the proper unit and then edit and change the building scheduler list. Since this list is completely seperate from the MLS callings it must be done seperately.

One final step that I haven't tried because the bishops of our 2 wards simply want the building schedulers to work together is getting the building schedulers for each ward called in the other ward as an out of unit building scheduler and the same steps taken above for each so someone has master ability to edit events for both wards. Don't know if this would ever work because building scheduler isn't an official position in calendar in spite of it being so in MLS and I don't know if the name access would do what was needed.

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Re: Scheduler -Building 1

Postby russellhltn » Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:54 pm

Regardless of the gymnastics attempted, the calendar was designed with the idea that each ward schedules their own events.

The whole idea of one master scheduler came from the prior (paper) technology where only one person at a time could hold a completely accurate and up-to-date list of all the events happening in a building. Computer technology has changed that. That master calendar is now held by a server. That allows multiple people to add or edit events while having role-based security and preventing obvious conflicts. The need for a single person to be an active part of building scheduling is gone - replaced by computer. The "Building Scheduler" is more more of a supervisor role than a central participant.

How each ward does it is up to them. But to use the calendar properly, each ward needs to do their own.
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