Out of Unit - Members not available as instructors

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Out of Unit - Members not available as instructors


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My Wife and I are missionaries assigned to a small branch. I'm serving as Branch President counselor, and my wife as Branch Relief Society President. We are able to see our callings in LDS tools and LDS.org because we were added to the branch with out-of-unit membership. I'm able to act as an administrator in Lesson Schedules. Due to small numbers the Relief Society and Melchizedek priesthood we meet together for the lessons, rotating instructors among the RS and Priesthood. We'd like to use lesson schedules to coordinate who will instruct. However, my wife and I are not available to be select as instructors!!! Can this be corrected?
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Re: Out of Unit - Members not available as instructors


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If it's not working, someone will need to fix this. We don't know when/if that will happen. Your best bet right now is to submit the problem using the "Feedback" link that can be found at the bottom of many lds.org pages (but this link isn't on the Lesson Schedules page). We've seen that out-of-unit support isn't always there for tools, but it's been added to some.

Some of the church developers visit this forum, but we don't know if they'll see your post here. Sending it to Feedback gets it to the right people.

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