Installing Broadband Internet Basic Installation

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Installing Broadband Internet Basic Installation


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We installed broadband internet in August of 2008, our bishops love it, teachers are using it and it resolves some of our challenges.

MSR support asked me to include some information on this site as to how we did our installation, the attached PDF file has some general and basic installation information.

I hope it proves helpful.

Thomas M.
Basic Internet Installation Plan.pdf
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Thanks for your suggestion. For those who don't wish to risk pulling wire - or who obviously don't have your talents :) they can use a wireless system using some Engenius ecb 3610S 600mw bridges to distribute the Internet through the building. Depending upon the size of the facility most church buildings could be adequately covered by using 2 or 3 bridges. I'm not talking about the standard commercially available wireless routers that you can purchase from any store. The Engenius brand puts out about 600mw of power and cover a larger area of the building.

Depending upon your source of supply they can run anywhere from $250 to $300 each. They would be secured so that anyone couldn't gain access to the signal. The advantage of a wireless system is that you don't have to modify the facility so the aesthetics are undisturbed - a big plus when dealing with an FM group. In addition, enlarging the system doesn't require the addition of any cables. Just add another bridge (if necessary). Laptops for the stake presidency and other approved users would simply be configured with the necessary security codes so they can pick up the signal.

One bridge is connected to the firewall and the rest are distributed in key locations around the building.
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