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Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:51 am
by drepouille
In our stake center, the satellite cabinet is in the meetinghouse library towards the back of the building. There are no Ethernet RJ-45 connections anywhere near it. So I can't set up the VidiU there.

If the FM added an RJ-45 connection there, I would need a video signal converter to connect the composite video signal to the VidiU. It just seems wrong to use an HD camera and an HD encoder, but use composite video between them. Ugh.

My current plan is to set up the HD camera, the VidiU, a switch, and a laptop either in front of the front pews on the left side of the chapel, or behind the rear pews on the left side. From the switch, I plan to run an Ethernet cable to the nearest wired clerk's office (disabling the Wi-Fi).
With the Wi-Fi will be disabled, all videos must be downloaded before our conference.

We will likely use the FM's wireless microphones and audio mixer, and set them up on the Sacrament table as we usually do. The challenge is to capture audio from the podium, the wireless microphones, and the computer connected to the projector for playing slideshows and videos. I sincerely hope the mixer has two output jacks -- one for the meetinghouse sound system, and the other for the VidiU.

No matter how much I plan and prepare, I know that the visiting authorities will ask me to do something at the last minute that I did not anticipate. It happened to me last year when the presiding authority wanted to play a video on his iPad. I knew the video was coming, but I did not expect to have to capture audio from the iPad and pipe it into the sound system.

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:00 am
by AndrewJAllen
If you can i would get a big mixer and plug all the audio in to the mixer then in to the church system. This would include the pulpit, iPad, Then Laptop For video, wireless mics and then a extra Headphone jack just if something comes up. Also you might think of getting a few mics that can pick up the organ and coir. Then with all the Audio coming through the one Mixer then you can then plug it into the Church Audio System and also you VidiU System. This Mixer is best places on the sacrament Table so you can then unplug the Pulpit and use a XLR cord to pip it into the Large Mixer. I have done this so we could record a meeting so all the Audio went through the Mixer then it when in to a laptop and the Audio system of the Chapel.

For you camera if you have a Hall way by the front of the Chapel by the stage then that would be the best because if any thing happens you can still play with the system and not interrupt the meeting. The best side is by the sacrament table so audio from the mixer doesn't travel too far. Also that is a great Idea to unplug the Wi-Fi so you can get a better connection. IF you give Fm time you could get them to put a Ethernet RJ-45 connections by the sacrament table. Then this could help with a laptop and other projects in the coming.

Also always start with a pray before starting the set up so you will be lead by the spirt during the set up.
Andrew Allen

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:15 am
by russellhltn
What meeting is this for? I don't recall ever showing a video for the main Stake Conference meeting, but have for the Saturday meetings. Fortunately for me, those are small enough there's no anticipation of webcasting that.

It kinda irks me when these visitors show up with Apple products but no adapters, because FM doesn't supply a projector or adapters that work with Apple. But I guess enough stakes have bought their own, they're surprised if we don't have them.

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:30 am
by AndrewJAllen
That is very true. I have had several times when someone shows up to an event with a uncommon device and no cables. This ended up have to call members or send them home to get there cables or I run home to get something i need that i didn't bring. Know when i am setting up for an event i ask them to bring all there adapters and cables so it goes smoothly.

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:41 am
by drepouille
We have several general authorities and officers coming in about four weeks for a special leadership conference, not a stake conference. I ordered the VidiU and the HD camera two days ago, hoping they will ship in time for me to do a couple test webcasts.

During our stake conference last year, the visiting Seventy brought his new iPad and his own VGA and HDMI adapters for our projector. However, he didn't tell me during his meeting with the stake presidency that he was planning to show a video with sound. That would have tipped me off that I needed to grab the crab box.

Last month, I bought several mini-adapters for VGA and HDMI so we will have them the next time someone wants to use their iPad or other tablet.

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:58 am
by justincy
We asked our FM group to install an ethernet port and an audio-out port in the overflow so that we wouldn't have to run any long cables.

Re: Where to set up A/V equipment?

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:28 am
by drepouille
As I was preparing for the next broadcast, I examined the side of the podium in our chapel for jacks. To my astonishment, we now have an RJ-45 jack, labelled "CAT6" on the side of the podium! When was that installed?

A month or so ago, we replaced our DSL modem with a cable modem. As I worked with the GSC up in the mezzanine, I tested an Ethernet cable that I *thought* went to the clerk's office, but it didn't go to the clerk's office, the WAP power injectors, or the HVAC. I couldn't figure out what that cable was for. Now I realize that it probably goes to the podium. Surprise!

Our podium now has a number of jacks: Ethernet, microphone, coax, audio, composite video, etc. Interesting.