Syncing of Notes and Journal Fails

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Syncing of Notes and Journal Fails


Post by masong »

I am using Gospel Library 3 on an iPad 2 (IP) and the web app on (ORG) on an iMac using Safari as browser. All software is current. The intent has been to build within the Notes app a collection of notebooks that can be accessed and edited from both devices.

The Notes navigation page on ORG, to which one transfers when clicking on Notes on a previous page, should show a graphic of a faux notebook with a navigation panel for Notes to the left. For brevity in what follows, I will define the term "inoperable" to mean that while the graphic appears in ORG, the navigation panel is completely missing. Thus no listing of notebooks is visible. Notebooks cannot be accessed, read or edited. The Notes app is then completely "inoperable", i.e. useless.

My Notes in ORG have been completely inoperable for probably a year or so. However, the same collection is accessible in GL. I have reported the problem in the past to no avail. Recently GL-3 came out and I noted the claim to fix a bug that prevented long notes from syncing. I decided to try again to make Notes serviceable. Here is the result of a long and frustrating afternoon.
1. After updating to GL-3, I returned to ORG to see if Notes had come to life. Notes on ORG was inoperable. However, I tried again later and Notes suddenly was operable. Notes was also AOK on GL.
2. However, though Notes on ORG as a whole was operable, some (not all) notebooks in Notes were inoperable, although they continued to be operable via GL. "Trash" for a time was inoperable. One notebook still remains inoperable on ORG although operable on GL. On ORG, trying to open this notebook sends one back to the Notes navigation page, which displays as inoperable, so that this particular notebook cannot be accessed on ORG but can be accessed on GL.
3. A notebook on ORG labelled "Unassigned Items" shows two entries on the ORG navigation panel. The content can be downloaded and is observed to consist of one item (not two). However, "Unassigned Items" is inoperable on if it had no items in it at all. GL does not have an "Unassigned Items" notebook.
4. When Notes became operable on ORG, I added a journal item to a notebook that already had one entry. There were then two items in the notebook and the notebook was operable on ORG. However, on GL, the notebook now indicated a content of two items, but when opened, the first (NOT the newly added one) of the two had completely disappeared! I returned to ORG, edited the first entry with a gratuitous single character (a period), saved, and, voila, it now appeared again in both ORG and GL.

My tentative conclusion is that the syncing to the cloud is still very buggy. I am passing my experience along in case it might be helpful.
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Re: Syncing of Notes and Journal Fails


Post by PamelaBonta »

Actually, it doesn't have anything to do with syncing in all likelihood. For some as yet unknown reason, there are about a dozen people that I know of that this has happened to, some oh whome do not use the GL app. It has been reported to the developers and different departments, but we don't know why this happens. If you have not already done so, please go to the bottom of any page at and submit a feedback item. Label it My Study Notebook when given the option to do so, specifically state that you want the feedback to be assigned to CSM Pamela Bonta, copy and paste this message into the text, and then I can officially add you to my file of people with the same issue. Then, if and when I find out anything, I can keep you updated. Sorry I cannot be of more help.
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