Comprehensive Ancestral Journal Archive

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Comprehensive Ancestral Journal Archive


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Family History buffs love to find a good journal of an ancestor. Journals are hard to find, probably because our ancestors generations ago passed them down the line and they are now sitting in a dusty old box among one of the subjects 30,000 descendants. Many people will take those journals, type them in a digital format, and create PDF's, and distribute them to other family.

Is there an archive for journals or other documents from the early days of the church, or ancestors of members of the church, and not just prominent members like Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young's families, but a comprehensive collection? It seems that such an archive could be search-able to the public and linked to family history databases.
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Note the following which I have copied from which refers to the Mormon Immigration Index. Another possible source is which is a subscription site that contains many resources some of which may be journals.

For additional information it would be best to visit the two sites I've indicated above. As far as a comprehensive collection of journals, you may also find some information by visiting the Church Genealogical Society in SLC or one of it's many regional libraries.

The Mormon Immigration Index is a database of approximately 93,000 immigrants who traveled from various international ports to the United States between the years 1840 and 1890. Information in this database includes the age, country of origin, ports of departure and arrival, the company leader assigned to each voyage, and general voyage information. This index also contains transcriptions of autobiographies, journals, diaries, and letters of approximately 1,000 passengers.
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Another site of worthy note is
In this database we have endeavored to recognize these Latter-day Saints giving information about their lives and families, when and where their settlements were established and who lived and died in these then remote places.

From Nauvoo, Illinois; Iowa City, Iowa and other departure points across the plains of Iowa some going through Garden Grove and Mount Pisgah to the east and west banks of the Missouri River at Kanesville (Council Bluffs) and the 90 plus other settlements in western Iowa as well as Winter Quarters (near Omaha) and settlements in eastern Nebraska they left a legacy of faith and forbearance.

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