Organizing Visiting Teaching

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Re: Organizing Visiting Teaching

Postby scgallafent » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:45 pm

hardya1 wrote:However, I can NOT find a way to look at individual visiting teaching routes reporting information more than the previous 2 months. I would like to request that the visiting teaching information can be viewed for the quarter, rather than a month being added & a month being dropped. Quarterly information is confusing when we are looking at other quarters information. Also when we make changes in the middle of a quarter those sisters printouts are including other quarters information. Hope this makes since, to someone. Short take, keep the quarterly information together!
I have noticed several forum messages today about keeping quarterly information together and about April's visits not being displayed because the July check boxes have now appeared. I am wondering if the sudden uptick of these messages is related to the fact that we should all be in the middle of preparing to submit a quarterly report.

The instructions for the home and visiting teaching lines on the quarterly report state: "Record the number of families who were visited by home teachers during the last month of the quarter" and "Record the number of women who were contacted by visiting teachers during the last month of the quarter" (emphasis mine). When reporting home and visiting teaching statistics for the quarterly report due on July 15, the numbers reported should be based on the June (last month of the second quarter) visits and not on the entire quarter.

If you need to see home or visiting teaching information for a family/sister or companionship earlier than the rolling three-month window, you can view the family/sister/companionship detail page and see thirteen months of history (the current month plus one year).

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