Another use for out-of-unit record - contract job

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Another use for out-of-unit record - contract job


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Another great use for the new out-of-unit record feature came up today. We have a brother who moved here on a contract position for work. His family is elsewhere. If the brother's position goes permanent, then he'll move the family; otherwise, he's commuting. So, it looks like he'll be with us for a while, but hasn't really moved here yet.

I guess this is somewhat like another situation I may have mentioned in the past, but it didn't occur to me that an out-of-unit record would be a terrific solution for this brother. I'm glad I publicized it to the other ward leaders, because it was one of them who suggested we create an out-of-unit record. The fact that we could do this made the brother very happy; it helps him to be involved here, but keeps his membership record with his family for the time being.
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