To serve a mission for twice?

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To serve a mission for twice?


Post by victorneira1 »

I wanna serve a mission again!. But i'm a man. And i have the desire to serve a mission one more time, that can help me in my career, for experience. MAybe do you want some place where i could to find help for this.

Sorry my english i'm learning.
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Re: To serve a mission for twice?


Post by sbradshaw »

Hi! There are a lot of service mission opportunities available. This site has more information: ... d?lang=eng

A lot of people think that service missions are only for people who aren't able to serve proselyting missions, or for people who are old and retired – but that's not the case! Anybody can serve a service mission. I served a 6-month technology service mission a couple of years ago and it was a great experience. Besides giving me a unique and exciting chance to serve, it also gave me experience that led to me finding my current employment.
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Re: To serve a mission for twice?


Post by uchenna.uka »

I would love to serve again
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