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VidyoWeb does not work on Chrome browser

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:52 am
by swtbentley
VidyoWeb (the Vidyo plugin that enables users without the VidyoDesktop client to join meetings via the meeting link) does NOT install or work on the Chrome browser. This is despite the fact that the Chrome and Gmail vidyo extensions work well and are very useful.

See for example this page: ... me-issues/

VidyoWeb works on Internet Explorer and Firefox. But not for the large portion of the world on Chrome -- including those (without Vidyo Desktop) who try to follow an invitation link, get nothing, and just assume that PVC does not work.

Nothing in this forum nor on MHTech raises this issue. Now that I know Chrome is not an option, I'll adjust my training materials and work differently with those trying to use it.

Or is the Church no longer promoting use of PVC?