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Default calendar when creating a new event

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:42 pm
by kylepettit
I am the exec sec for the ward. The bishop and I share a private calendar. When either of us create a new calendar event, the first time during that session, the calendar defaults to a calendar that is not the one we want defaulted. Is there a way to force what the default calendar is per person? 1-2 times I have created personal entries, and it tagged it to the default calendar. I know I need to be more vigilant, but it would be great if I could force my default to be this particular private calendar instead of the one its defaulting too. I do notice if I create additional calendar items, it recalls the last one used for that session. A suggestion is to always remember the last calendar you created an event for persistantly between sessions (maybe a cookie), or to allow this as a profile default. I would prefer the profile default, as then the setting would follow me, and not be browser or machine specific.

Thanks in advance!