Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications

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Re: Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications


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marnofi wrote:Is ham radio the same as amateur radio?

Amateur Radio is it's proper name, but it's often known by it's nickname Ham Radio.
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Re: Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications


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Thanks! :)
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Re: Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications


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OK... In major areas your stake probably can't have its own repeater on 2 meter... You could use 220 0r 440 or even simplex... Simplex might work better in an ate a where there are lots of members...

Mikerowaved wrote:
matthewnielsen wrote:I realize that if a general authority were to start directing that EMCOMM preparation and training take place it could cause unwanted speculation and worry.
Not necessarily. We just had a Hamfest in Salt Lake City, where Allan F. Packer (WA7BKD) of the Seventy gave the Saturday morning keynote address. The brethren have always pushed the issue of being self-reliant in adverse times and communications has always been an important part of that. was setup to continue to get the word out as to what wards, stakes, and/or individuals can do to prepare.

As far as utilizing amateur radio, it's very different here in Utah where there are nearly 450 stakes along the Wasatch Front. Ham radio can play a part, but there isn't enough spectrum available for each stake here to have their own frequency set aside for nets and emergencies.
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