Young Woman to Relief Socity

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Young Woman to Relief Socity


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I have a young woman age 17 that is moving into RS. I've moved her from the YW's to RS but the RS President isn't able to assign her visiting teachers or assign her as a visiting teacher. I've noticed that on her personal record she is still listed in both Sunday School Course 17 and in RS. I'm guessing that could be the problem. Her name doesn't come up under the YW's list but does show up in the RS list. Can someone tell me what is possibility going wrong? Thanks.
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Re: Young Woman to Relief Socity


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This post reports the opposite problem -- an 18-year-old YW who shows up on visiting teaching lists even though she is in the YW organization. That issue and yours would seem to indicate that the only criterion for VT is being 18 and female -- membership in YW vs RS doesn't matter either way.
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