LDS Maps Update - Community Counts by Jim Byer

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kevandcan wrote:I think the suggested additions/changes are right on track. I like the idea of LDSAccount integration so member and leadership can see boundaries, member households (color coded by quorums/classes), home teaching groupings, temples, etc. Can't wait to see this put into Production!

I think all of that is desirable and most of that is feasible. But I doubt if all of it is in the works yet because, mapping technology aside, the central church databases do not have all the data. For example, there is no home teaching data, which now only resides in distributed MLS systems. There is discussion about adding mapping to some "2.0" version of a new home-teaching app, but "1.0" is still in the early stages of development.

I will be happy when basic member mapping and unit boundariies are released online. But I expect that for some time there will still be a need for homegrown local apps to support such functionality as mapping home-teaching routes. In our own ward, managing and mapping fast-offering routes is one of the most complex administrative tasks we have. I do think we can look forward to some tools for geocoding and capturing lat/lon fields directly in the membership records, because that is an inherent prerequisite for general member-mapping.

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