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rgabel wrote:thanks for the info ... i just wanted to tap the church provided firewall as a router rather than buying another piece of hardware ... sounds like restriction on this hardware is where it is headed and will just buy a router to accomplish what I need.
I wouldn't rule out getting help from the GSD second level support technicians. You won't know what configuration changes are permitted until you ask. If you do ask and get an answer it would be a benefit to others if you would post your experience in the forums.
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Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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rgabel wrote:Has anyone addressed the issue of allowing us to configure the router for port forwarding or worst case ... a DMZ? I would like to have some of computers on the network in the stakecenter not be allowed to be sniffed by others ... my one scenario is having someone in the employment office grabbing some data from the clerk's machine, i.e., financial backup data, MLS cached files, etc.
The first thing is to look at the router. I've not seen the newer ones, but I think the older ones were "single port" router with an integrated switch. So it's not possible to have a separate physical segment. As for a logical segment, I suppose that's possible, but it would take ongoing management to make sure the machines were on the right virtual segment.

Personally, I'd just pull the "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" on the machines in question. Also make sure that Remote Desktop is turned off. With that done, I don't think anyone is likely to be snooping around.
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