Policy on Wireless Printers

Discussions about setup, operation, and maintenance of these devices in meetinghouses other than a FHC
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Re: Policy on Wireless Printers


Post by sbradshaw »

I wonder if wireless printing could be enabled only for certain hours (for example, during morning meetings)?
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Re: Policy on Wireless Printers


Post by BEWilson »

We purchased two printers, one for the Bishops office and one for the Clerks. I locked them down so that only those who have the pin can print to them. The FM Group was not happy about it, but we were told that an upgrade for our current printer (not wireless) was a good year out. The Bishop also wanted to be able to print talks or other helps for people he was interviewing. So far it has been a very good investment for our Bishopric and Clerks. We were also able to get a higher capacity printer at a lower cost per page than the one provided by FM. Purchased through our Ward Staples account.
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Re: Policy on Wireless Printers


Post by jdlessley »

BEWilson wrote:We purchased two printers, ... . The FM Group was not happy about it ...
I can understand why since "The local FM group is responsible for procuring computers, monitors, and printers." (emphasis added) The FM budget cycle begins in the spring in the year before an expenditure is made. So if a printer was to be replaced in 2017 it would have been included in the FM budget submitted in April 2016. Unit budget funds are not supposed to be used to purchase computers, monitors, and printers. An exception is for computers used for meetinghouse broadcast purposes.

Because the printers were not purchased through the FM budget, the support for these printers is solely the responsibility of the unit purchasing them.
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