Requirements for Proxy Temple Work?

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Requirements for Proxy Temple Work?


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My Mom grew up with a close family friend who died. Just recently discovered her friend may have had a son and may have been married - but, can't find anything from the Social Security Administration (surprise, surprise); the son may have been born without the parents being married....40+ years ago; not sure; no records; no living relatives that are locate-able.

So - if temple work is done for my Mom's friend (name and DOB DOD are known); can the temple work also be done for a potential/theoretical/probable wife? I believe I've seen proxy cards in the past that have nothing more than "Mother" or "Son" listed, since that is the best and most complete title based on the information available to the person submitting proxy family names.

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Re: Requirements for Proxy Temple Work?


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See this article for information about how to record a spouse or child whose name is unknown.

But note that you must also have a date and place of at least one event in their life in order to clear the ordinances for temple work.

In addition you must have permission to perform ordinances for a non-relative for anyone born in the last 110 years. As indicated in the linked article if you don't believe there are any living relatives, you may have to provide proof of that.

And, finally, you can't do any work for the spouse or child if it is possible they are still living. Unless you have evidence of their death, you can't assume they are dead until at least 110 years after their birth or 95 years after their marriage.

Overall, your best source of information is the Help Center on and contacting Family Search support.
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