Audio clipping/distortion during sat broadcast tonight

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Audio clipping/distortion during sat broadcast tonight


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During the #LDSdevo tonight (5/1/16) We had two instances lasting about 2 - 3 minutes each where the audio appeared to be clipped/distorted or RF getting into it. I called the GSC and they had no other reports of that issue on the broadcast. Both times it cleared up on its own after 2 - 3 minutes. It was not a chapel sound issue, as the same issue was heard at the TV in the Sat cabinet rack on the RF signal.

No video issues at all during the audio problem.

If anyone else experienced this during the broadcast let me know. If not it is a gremlin that will not be easy to find the culprit.

We had no issues with it during General Conference or the Provo City Central Temple Dedication sessions.


Kevin Reeve
Logan YSA 4th Stake
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