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Ordinance Certificates - LCR / MLS (translation issue)

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 7:31 am
by nikk3hi3tala
Has anyone checked if it is still possibly to print ordinance certificates from MLS or is it now only possible in LCR?

The LCR has some bug with the translations (I already submitted feedback about it). In several languages the certificate is not completely translated. Parts of it are in English. Since the translations already exist (MLS had it correctly), this seems to be a simple programming issue.

Re: Ordinance Certificates - LCR / MLS (translation issue)

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 9:52 am
by scgallafent
Text strings are handled quite a bit differently in LCR and MLS, so the strings go back through the translation process when they are added to LCR. We start with the English strings and send them through for "English translations" (editors reviewing what the product managers and programmers came up with and correcting anything that needs improvement). Once those are done, we send the English strings to the translators. Those come back as they are able to get to them.

Unless there is a critical fix or deadline, we normally don't release until we have the ten most common languages back. That covers a significant portion of the church, but that group of languages does not cover where you live. Languages not included in the first release will fall back to English text for strings that have not already been translated for LCR. As the changes come back from the translators, the individual languages are updated in LCR. You can still print from MLS, so print from there until your language's translations are back.

You don't necessarily need to print a certificate to see if your language is done. If you look at the Reports menu, you will see that "Print Certificates" is still in English for you. That went to translation at the same time as the certificate strings, so they should be updated when those translations are finished.